May 29, 2021
22 days since
our celebration.

Due to COVID-19 and to protect our family members, there will be precautions taken to insure everyone's saftey at this reunion.  This is of the highest importance and will not be negotiable.

If you intend to arrive Thursday evening, please do not arrive before 3-4 pm.  I will be arriving around 2 pm and will need to sanitize all the rooms and surfaces before your arrival.  I will be bleaching all hard surfaces, and spraying disinfectent (Lysol) on all soft surfaces, to kill any virus or bacteria left behind by either previous tentants and/or cleaning crew.  

Handsanitizer will be provided in both gel and liquid spray form.  Cleaning wipes, will be provided in each unit and we ask that everyone do their part to wipe railings and door knobs in your respective unit, for everyone's safety.  

Please remember to bring your facemasks, though if availibilty allows, I will try to have spares.  

Please make note of and follow all local requirements when it comes to facemasks, and restrictions. 

La famiglia è la patria del cuore.
Your family is the homeland of your heart


Welcome to the Mannina Family Reunion Website

We are pleased to announce that once again the 2021 Mannina Family Reunion will be held Memorial Day Weekend on the New Jersey Shoreline, in Beach Haven, NJ

We have been busy planning and preparing for this special weekend that is quickly approaching.

At this time we cordially invite all Mannina descendants to be part of this celebration.  This is an open invitation to all friends of the family that would like to attend.  The details will be posted and we hope to see you in May 2021. 

Feel free to browse our website and sign our guest book to let us know you stopped by. Please visit the photo albums section to add photos, also add a Memorial for those no longer with us in body, but remain with us in heart.

Please click the RSVP tab, choose an event, and resigster to let us know you will be there. 

Thank you for viewing and have a blessed year.

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